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Merimbula Easter Window Painting

Thank you for being a part of the Merimbula Easter Window Mural!  The whole promotion, with the Bunny Search and Kid's Extravaganza seemed to be very successful and I hope it's been helpful for your Easter trading.

We'll be doing the removal on 2 days - Wednesday April 3 and Saturday April 6 only.  Your shop window painting may be removed on either day once paid for.  The LATEST you can order your removal is Friday April 5.  If you haven't ordered removal by then using the options below, I'm afraid you'll need to organise the removal yourself as we can't do any late removals.  Please get in touch if you need instructions on removing the painting yourself.

There are 3 removal options.  If you've just got Swirls or Happy Easter with its Swirls, choose the first option.  If you have the Bunny, who comes with Eggs and Swirls, choose the second.  If you have the Bunny, plus Swirl Extensions and or Happy Easter, please choose the third option.  We'll remove the paint and wash the window where it was painted.  In some cases we may end up washing the whole window depending on the placement of the painting, but this is not a full window washing service.

Thanks again for helping to make Merimbula a bit special for Easter!

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