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What's a Pertingle Bird?  

These bright little birdies are designed to remind you that you can always choose to be cheerful!

For these mini canvases I've used coloured tissue paper and several layers of acrylic paints and glossing to create these paintings that are also objects.  I stand them around my kitchen shelves.  They are lovely from all angles - I've even gone all the way around the back with the effect.

My shop on this website is currently undergoing a revamp.  Most of my other works are available on my Redbubble shop and some print versions (on artboard and products) of Pertingle Birds will shortly also debut on Redbubble. 


But the original mini canvas works will be available to buy only here.  Until I've got that set up though, you're welcome to get in touch if you need a Pertingle Bird of your own.  We can work it out.

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